The Green Fund at a Glance

The Green Fund

The Green Fund is a Comprehensive Group of qualified Small Cap Public Companies in the Emerging Hemp and Medical Marijuana Sectors, we strive to bring you up to date Actionable Investment Intelligence on the pulse of these rapidly growing industries.

We Salute Worldwide Diversified Holdings OTC WNTR as the first of many Public Companies to partake in the growth of The Green Fund!

In a typical transaction a Pub Co. would Invest 1 Million USD or more of its Shares into the Green Fund which would be traded into the Markets as they gain in Share Price and Market Momentum by the Green Fund Traders using Algorithms, which brings you to the below benefits for all Green Fund Member Companies.

Founded By Excellence

  • The opportunity for Capital appreciation.

  • Intensive PR/IR Global Press Releases by the GCHI Green Company Holdings Inc. and The Green Fund.

  • Quarterly Cash disbursements from The Green Fund to the Fund Member Co's.

  • Diversification.

  • International Public Company Advisory Services.

  • Matching Green Fund shares to Green Fund member Companies.

  • Listing Ad and Ticker Symbol on Hemp Market Watch and Social Media Marketing.

  • The Green Fund will be Listed on the CSE Canadian Stock Exchange tradeable around the world.

  • Preferred Rates on if needed.

  • Shared pool of Resources (Funding/Attorneys/Auditors/Accountants/Seed Suppliers/Hardware/Software etc.)

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