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Green Rush Advisory Group

21st Century Solutions for American Marijuana Enterprise

The Mission of the Green Rush Advisory Group is to facilitate commerce for American marijuana enterprise. We help stakeholders in the legal recreational and medical marijuana industries start-up, properly license and profitably run marijuana businesses that are 100% compliant with state and local rules.

"The legal marijuana industry is likely the greatest economic opportunity of our generation. Its financial footprint could easily rectify our country's "income inequality" and restore America's middle-class, and it offers potentially generations of economic prosperity for current and future stakeholders."

The professionals at Green Rush Advisory Group, LLC can help you with every aspect of your Washington MMJ or I-502 Producer, Processor and Retailer marijuana business. From walking you through the complicated application process to helping you sell your products or acquire inventory, Green Rush provides solutions that will help your enterprise thrive in this exciting new industry.

Oregon OMMP, HB3460 & Measure 91 Stakeholders

The Green Rush Advisory Group can help you start up an HB3460 dispensary and aid all OMMP stakeholders with licensing, traceability, compliance, marijuana sales and marijuana strain acquisition services. Green Rush is also ready to help you establish a recreational marijuana business compliant with Oregon's Measure 91 (pending voter approval). Call 888-743-0569 for more information.

Marijuana  Sales & Strain Acquisition

Green Rush is your marijuana sales and strain acquisition partner. Let us help you increase brand value, market share and profitability.